Sunday, 10 January 2016

What I´m Reading this January..

It´s been a while since I´ve written a post about books, I read much more in the Winter than any other time, probably because I spend much more time at home. I´ve read a lot of great books lately and I have a lot on my Amazon Wish List to read in 2016, however I thought I´d write about the books that I´m reading this month.
The past year or so I have mainly read thrillers or crime novels so you will find that all 3 of these fall into those categories.

Kimberly McCreight - Reconstructing Amelia 
I haven´t started this book yet but I plan to start it this week. This has been in my Amazon basket for around a month and I have been excited to read it. It´s a thriller about a girl who jumps from a building and dies, whilst her mother is greiving she receives a message saying ´Amelia didn´t jump. The story sounds great and I can´t wait to get reading it to find out what happens!

Caroline Kepnes - You
I rave about this book a lot to everybody I know but it is definitely up there with the best books I have read, and I am currently reading it for the third time! The writing style is different to any other book I´ve ever read and it actually is a real page turner. The story is written in first person from a man called Joe. I wont give anything away, but this book is seriously creepy and definitely not for the faint hearted, it is a story of obsession and written in a very crude way at times. But it is seriously addictive. 

Alex Lake - After Anna
I finished this book a few days ago and also enjoyed it. Again it is a thriller (a little less intense than You). About a young girl who disappears and is returned with no memory of where she has been a week later. I read this book very quickly as I wanted to know what had happened. This is a great book to read on a cold, rainy night whilst cuddled up in bed.

Let me know what you guys have been reading and if you have any book recommendations feel free to leave them in a comment as I´m always looking for new ones to read!
Happy Sunday!

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