Things to do in 2013

  • Get to a weight I'm happy with
  • Go abroad
  • Go to Paris
  • Go to a festival
  • Go to the beach lots in summer
  • Have a BBQ
  • Go to an Aquarium
  • Go to Blackpool pleasure beach
  • Visit the Lake District
  • Go to a Safari park
  • Visit a zoo
  • Go to a comedy show
  • Go on the London Eye
  • Have a picnic in the park 
  • Dress up for Halloween
  • Go to a fancy dress party
  • Make an EBay account 
  • Get my own place, or one with Chris
  • Get a full time job 
  • Have a new years kiss
  • Get a summer party house for a week
  • Conquer a fear
  • Adopt an animal (cat or dog)
  • Go got London Dungeons & Madame Tussades

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