Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 Goals

Hello lovely people and a huge happy new year to you all!
I absolutely love new year, not so much the day itself as I´m not really much of a party animal, but I love the time of year, I always feel so motivated and fresh and like anything is possible.
I try to make new goals for each year, not so much "resolutions" but just things I want to try to do in the new year, I think it´s a great way to look back and see what I´ve achieved and to get an idea of the type of things I want to do in the future.
That being said here are a few things I´d like to do in the new year...
2016, new year, and gold image
Take more pictures
I try to do this every year, but 2015 in particular I have been so bad at it, I want to try to take my camera out with me more to capture moments and hopefully have more memories to look back on.

Travel more
Again I try to do this every year, whether it´s around London, around the UK or around the world. There´s so much I am yet to see and I really want to try to explore even more in 2016.

Get back into blogging
As you may have noticed, in 2015 I barely blogged at all. I had a lot going on and kind of just forgot about my blog, but hopefully after a very long break, 2016 will be a very blog related year. I already have a lot of posts planned, but hopefully I will be blogging more than ever with even better content.

Maintain weight
I couldn´t have new years goals without including one about health and fitness. I lost quite a lot of weight in 2015 and feel much happier with my body than I have in a while. I really want to maintain that throughout 2016 and hopefully post lots of tips and food related posts over on my beauty blog

Be a nicer person 
This is a very personal goal for me. I do feel like I am a nice person already, but there is always more a person can do to be better. I hope to give up my seat on the tube more often, call my mom more, compliment people more, swear less etc. I really want to try to be a better version of myself in 2016.

I have a few smaller goals that I hope to achieve in the upcoming year but for now these are the goals I am focused on.
Let me know if you have anything planned for the new year and anything you´d like to improve on.
Thanks for reading.

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