Saturday, 26 December 2015

It´s been a while...

Hello guys!
Long time no blog!
Seriously, it´s been almost a year, how crazy is that.
I have been fairly busy, that´s not really my excuse, it´s more that I haven´t had anywhere to blog from, I no longer have my computer, my Kindle broke and I never want to blog from my phone. Hopefully in the new year I will invest in a laptop but in the meantime I have had a lot going on and I felt like writing another chatty blog post as a little catch up.

Okay, so I haven´t blogged since March. It feels like I´m catching up with an old friend who I haven´t seen in a while.
Lets start with the boring stuff.

In my previous post I mentioned a new exciting job that I had recently got. I started that job at the beginning of February and worked there until the end of November. I met so many amazing people there that will be life long friends, I learnt a lot through my experience there and had a lot of great times, however towards the end I really started to be unhappy and made the decision to leave. 
A few weeks ago however I began ANOTHER new job! A job that will hopefully present me with a lot of opportunities and I´m very excited about the future.

Also in February I came out of my three year relationship. Although we ended everything on fairly good terms it was a very difficult few months. We were living together and at that time life was very hectic and stressful. I have since then got a new boyfriend who I am very happy with and on good terms still with my ex boyfriend.

So other than going through a lot of drastic changes this year I have also done quite a bit, I made it my mission this year to see more of London, after a horrible 2014 of suffering with terrible anxiety I would very much stay in my comfort zone and only really visit the places I knew. This year I have seen so much more and really started to enjoy living in London again. 
I also visited Paris this year for the first time, I went to Disneyland and lots of great things, that was definitely a highlight of 2015. 
I made a few beach trips in the UK throughout the summer also.

In general it´s been a bit of a crazy year, and I´m really hoping 2016 will be a lot more relaxed and steady so I can just enjoy all of the great things that come with it.
I will try my best to get back into blogging. Watch this space.
Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and hopefully a better new year!

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