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London Feature | Favourite Restaurants

So if there's one thing I love to do, it's eat out. I do it probably on average once a week, I love trying out new places as well as sticking to the places I know and love. London is known for it's diversity with food and restaurants, and I love trying out new cuisines.
 I've tried to narrow my favourite restaurants down to my top 10 so that if you do visit London you will have a small guide of a few places that I love.
(In no particular order)

1. Hache - Chelsea
As a burger lover, when I first moved to London I remember how overwhelmed I was by the amount of burger restaurants, it's safe to say I've tried my fare share of them and the one that stands out amongst all of the ones I have tried is Hache. I had one of my birthdays here a couple of years ago and all of my friends loved it too! The burgers are beautiful and they have a great range of sides, also their milkshakes are amazing! 

2. Benihana - Kings Road
Another chain restaurant but a good one. More on the pricey side but well worth the money and I'm pretty sure they have lunch menus. For me this place is great, it's a lot more than just the food, it's more of an experience, every table gets their own personal chef who is very talented when it comes to preparing and serving your food. Probably not ideal if you want something romantic as you may have to share your table with others, but for Japanese food and fun, this is the place.

3. Monsieur K - Earls Court
A new addition to my favourite restaurants as I've only been twice (both this month), but I can already tell that I'm going to be spending a lot of time here. 
A very well priced French restaurant with exceptional service. 
A lovely wine list, frogs legs, snails... they have it all.
They also do breakfast too!

4. Big Easy - Kings Road
I've been eating at Big Easy since before I moved here, and now they have such a good lunch deal on where you can get two courses and a Margarita for £9.95, it has became a regular eating place. There are a few set backs with this restaurant that I feel I have to warn you about...
It gets very busy, booking may be required, and tables are very close together. 
Service can be hit and miss.
They do have a happy hour on throughout most of the late afternoon, but nobody will tell you this and you have to order at the bar.
However, the food is great! And you will probably be full after the starter.

5. FM Mangal - Camberwell
From one side of London to the other, do not judge this place by the exterior. 
This restaurant is such a hidden gem! Turkish is never a cuisine that I think about, but after hearing a couple of friends rave about this place me and my boyfriend tried it out a couple of years ago, and we fell in love. 
The food is delicious! (In particular the complimentary bread in a red wine and onion sauce they give to you once you order)
I have been here with a few different people and everybody loves it!

6. Chutney Mary - Chelsea
So I'll start with a disclaimer that I have only been to this restaurant once. The reason why is because a family member took me, and it is quite (very) expensive.
However, it has always stood out to me, and I definitely plan on going back there very soon just because I loved it that much!
Chutney Mary is an Indian Restaurant that I'm pretty sure has won awards for being the best.
Everything from the decor, to the service, to the food and wine was truly amazing!

7. Haagan Dazs - Leicester Square
So I obviously couldn't do a list of my favourite places to eat without adding a dessert place could I?
Again, I'm sorry for adding a lot of chain restaurants, these are all just my personal preference!
But Haagan Dazs is perfect!
I've been here multiple times, and one my favourites of theirs is the hot chocolate fondue!
I've made midnight trips here and can tell you, it is definitely worth it!

8. Hong Kong City - Peckham
I've chose this place mainly for the dimsum. My boyfriends family have eaten here for years and still travel across London just for the dimsum! 
It can get quite hectic, but if you are in the area, it's a great place with friendly staff and cheap prices!

9. Balans - High Street Kensington
Writing this list has made me realise that I need to try out more independent restaurants!
I had to choose Balans though as they have one of the best Full English Breakfasts ever!
Also their A La Carte menu and cocktail list is great!
Been visiting Balans for years, and I love it!

10. El Pirata - Mayfair
Another quite recent edition to my favourites, but again, it was love at first bite.
The decor of this place is great, there was a group of us when I last visited to we got our own little cave style nook. The tapas was delicious as was the wine! 
Worth every penny!

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