Sunday, 8 February 2015

London Feature | Visiting London?

London is a very big and very popular city, that hundreds of thousands of people visit every single year. But if you are planning a trip to London, whether it's a family holiday or an educational trip, I've compiled a list of things you should probably know before you do come. 
Things that I wish somebody had told me before coming here, and mainly ways to stop you from being shouted at by people on their way to work!

- Beware of pick pockets. 
They are everywhere! And they know a tourist when they see it, if you are in central London especially. Ways to avoid them include, not keeping belongings in pockets, but always in a bag preferably with a zip that you keep an eye on at all times! Don't leave things unattended ever! You will not get it back, I promise you! Always carry cards rather than cash, and try to limit the amount of possessions you do take out with you if you can. Don't let them ruin your trip!

- Do you research
In London there are thousands of food places, tourist shops, tourist attractions. Some great, some bad. 
When it comes to eating out in London, I'd advise downloading the Tripadvisor app beforehand. It's a very quick way of seeing what other people have said about the place before eating there. There are some very bad place in London and they are tourist traps. They are sometimes cheap for a reason. Tourist shops are the same, there are thousands of them selling that same 'I Love London' jumper, have a look around before buying things, you may save some money. 

- Never buy tickets for anything on the street
If you're planning a trip to the theatre whilst in London, nine times out of ten you will probably see people trying to sell you tickets at amazing prices dotted around Leicester Square. Never buy from them! It's worth paying a little bit more to assure the tickets are legit!

- Always keep left in tube stations
A simple rule that Londoners live by and get very annoyed at tourists for not doing. You will save yourself many sighs and angry looks by doing this. However, keep in mind that it is the right on escalators. Confusing I know! 

- Beware of 'homeless' people
I'm not by any means saying that all of the 'homeless' people are not homeless. But I can assure you that not all of them are. If you are prone to feeling guilty everytime you see a homeless person, then be prepared. They are everywhere in London, and if you give money to every single one you see, then prepare to be penniless by the end of your day.

-  Never leave baggage unattended
I briefly touched on this, but especially in Central London I cant express how important this is. Tube stations can sometimes have emergency evacuations because of this! 

- Check the weather
Kind of an obvious one I know. But London weather can be completely unpredictable. I know it's known to be cold, but it is also prone to completely changing throughout the day, one minute rain, the next minute sunny! Always carry an umbrella and take a coat just in case. 

And lastly, enjoy! It's a great city with a lot of history, it's crazy busy and tiring, but as long as you don't mind crowds and take some of these tips with you, you'll love it. 

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