Friday, 6 February 2015

London Feature | Nightlife

I debated whether or not to write this post, as I'm not a huge night life kind of person.
However, since living in London I have definitely been to a few clubs, bars and pubs and wanted to share with you a few of my favourite night spots if you are into that.

Ministry of Sound | Elephant and Castle
One club I did always want to go to when I came to London was Ministry of Sound, and since living here I think I've been around 4 times. If you go on a night with a good DJ you are in for a treat! It has a great atmosphere and is big enough to not be completely crammed in with lots of sweaty people. Drinks aren't as expensive as you'd think either.

Egg | Kings Cross
A similar club to Ministry of Sound in terms of music and atmosphere, Egg is a good open late club, I think sometimes they open till like 2pm the next day! (I'm not hardcore enough for that), however my first job here meant finishing work at 4am, so this was a great place to go after work. The atmosphere is great as is the music, there's even a huge outdoor area which serves breakfast. Perfect.

Cafe De Paris | Leicester Square
This is one of those clubs that you go to if you want to get really dressed up and dance all night. I've been quite a few times, I'm not sure if it used to be a theatre if that is just the look they are going for, but the interior is beautiful! It's a great club for central London that isn't full of students on the pull! 

Adventure Bar | Covent Garden 
I know there are a few of these dotted around London, and if you do come across one, I would definitely recommend. Adventure Bar is a cocktail bar with delicious and alcoholic cocktails, they also do food and have a happy hour! If there's a group of you, I suggest getting Pandora's Box (I think that's what it's called)! 

Cantina Vinopolis | London Bridge
If you are a wine lover like myself then this is the place for you. Probably one of the biggest wine bars in London, not only do they do wine tasting, they also do great cocktails and food! Perfect!

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