Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A new direction.

So in relation to my last post, I wrote about kind of taking my blog in a new direction.
It's still going to be similar. But I got into thinking about the reason I started blogging and the ideas I had for my blog, and I feel like I've kind of drifted from that. 
I want it to be slightly more personal. (If that's even possible.) 
I want to write more in depth about my thoughts, feeling, dreams, inspirations, aspirations, life experiences. 
I have so many thoughts in my head, and writing has always been a way of expressing that. But I feel like I want this blog to grow and in order to do that I need to branch out.
Hopefully coming into the new year I will be writing a lot more often and hopefully have much better content.

Any ideas would be lovely.

If there's anything you are interested in reading about, let me know.
Thanks for sticking around.

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