Monday, 17 March 2014

Monday Motivation

Hello everyone!
So lately I have been slightly stressed and have had a lot of anxiety and personal issues that I've been trying to deal with, and its really been affecting me, so I felt like heading to Pintrest and seeking a little bit of much needed motivation.

As you grow up you realise that people aren't what you thought, people betray you, people are two faced, people will break your heart, either way people will affect you. I learnt quite young that it's very difficult to trust people, I can probably only fully trust one person and I'm still learning the hard way that a lot of people don't have your best interests at heart. 

This being said, I used to spend a lot of time surrounded by these people, people I knew weren't good friends or good for me to be around, partially because it was better than being alone and partially because that seemed normal.
I knew people around me liked to cause drama or problems and I just put up with it.

Now I'm a little bit older I try to distance myself from it as much as I can, the second I meet someone and they show signs of negativity or unwanted drama in my life then I just leave that behind.

"You can't hang out with negative people and expect to lead a positive life"

The older I get the more I realise how true and relevant this quote is. It's a subject I could write a whole book on but mainly I just want to tell you, if somebody is making you unhappy in any way, the only way to make yourself happy is to just get rid of that person. 
I know more than some that this is easier said than done, but once done I promise you, you will be a much happier person because of it. 

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