Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Goodbye summer

So the rain has begun and the scarves are coming out, which in England can only mean one thing.... summer is gone for 2013.
I love summer, I love the heat, I love the clothes, the bright colours, being outdoors more, cocktails, frozen drinks, BBQ food. I just love it. 
If you live in England you will know that we don't really get good summer's here, we probably get a week of 30 degree heat in July then rain for the rest of August.

However, this summer the weather has actually been really good to us.
The rain has steered clear through the majority and I've wore dresses more often than not.

But summer is finally over and its been a good one, I wanted to do a post to reflect on what I've been doing this summer and what has made it so great.

Back at the very beginning of summer I was invited by my boyfriends family to St. Tropez in the south of France for a weekend.
We drove all the way across France and spent a cute weekend in beautiful surroundings. I loved it.

I spent many nights out with friends, the best one being a spontaneous night out in Mayfair, where I got to see Daft Punk and Kelis perform. That was pretty cool.

We hosted several BBQ's, where I was on cocktail duty and Chris cooked. 
Good food and drinks is what mostly made summer so great haha.

Had plenty of picnics in the park.

I went home a couple of tines and spent some quality time with my family.

Spent plenty of time at the beach, Bournemouth and Southend beach.
Celebrating birthdays, having girls days out and going to see Jason Manford.

Even though my boyfriend has lived in London his whole life, he had never done any of the tourist things, so I took him to London Dungeons and on the London Eye.

Spent an amazing day with great company at the Holi Colour Festival. 
Had so much fun!

So that's some things I've been up to over the past few months.
I've had a great summer with great people.
My summer isn't completely over as this time next week I'll be jetting off to Marbella in Spain for 10 more days of sunshine. But when I return I'm sure I'll be in fully fledged winter mode, which I'm quite excited about!

But for now, hope you all had the best summer ever.
And let the countdown for Christmas begin! 

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