Saturday, 5 October 2013

Happy October!

Hi guys!
So I know this isn't my usual start to a blog post at the start of the month but I've been away for the past 10 days in Marbella. If you've been reading my blog lately you'll probably guess that life has been more hectic than usual lately and I haven't had chance to really blog as much as I'd like.

Saying that, I've had a gorgeous break in 34 degree heat and now I'm home I'm looking forward to getting into more organised routines blog wise and life wise, so stick around for plenty of posts on here and my beauty blog, as my head is FINALLY full of inspiration and ideas for posts!

I think seasons changing definitley is good for my head and creative side, I'd been struggling a lot the past couple of months on what to blog about, but since being home my mind is full of ideas for both blogs and I'm excited to get back into it.

So it's October, how fast has this year gone?! Seriously.
It feels like just a couple of months ago I was playing in the snow, exploring Covent Garden with my hot chocolate looking at the Christmas Trees, having fun in Winter Wonderland Hyde Park, pre heating my room with my heater every time I'd go out so I'd come home to a hot room. 

As much as I am completely and utterly a summer person, I adore Autumn and Winter.
I love candles and fire places, and scarves and gloves and snow, and all the holidays and just everything and I'm excited to do plenty of fun Autumn/Winter related posts!

So apologies for a completely no point, rambly blog post, just know to stick around for a much better blog to read and I hope you all have a lovely Autumn and Winter! 

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