Monday, 1 July 2013

Hi July!

Ahh July, we are now in full swing of summer, well not so much here in the UK, it's hot but you never know what might happen with the weather here!
I love July though, I love summer in general! 
Tanned skin, picnics, floaty dresses, neon colours, and any excuse to throw a BBQ and drink cocktails :)

June was quite hectic and I didn't make enough time to blog as regularly, so I'm aiming to hopefully blog a lot more this month.

I have quite a busy month ahead, especially towards the end of the month, I have so many plans I'm already over-planned! Why does everybody make their plans on the same days?!

So hopefully some fun blogs will be heading your way soon :)
In the meantime, you'll find me in a summer dress on Hyde Park trying my best to catch some Sun and maybe eating ice cream!

Enjoy it while it's here! 

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