Monday, 20 May 2013

A day in St. Tropez

So Chris' family had a trip to St. Tropez planned for a while for his sister's birthday, however, my passport hadn't arrived and Chris wasn't too sure if he could get it off work.
Two days before the planned trip, my passport arrived and Chris luckily got it off and before we knew it we was in the car with his 5 brothers ready to go.

We drove from London across France and it took 15 long hours! 
It was lovely to see all of France though!

We left on Friday and returned on Sunday so we only really got one day there, which was spent eating A LOT of food and drinking lots! 
Unfortunately we choose the one day that was raining, but it was lovely nonetheless. 
I definitley would love to return in the Summer but we definitley will not be driving haha!

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