Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Life Update!

1. Chris got a new job in Marketing which he's kind of enjoying, it's long hours but I'm getting used to it now, he has to wear a suit everyday too which kinda makes up for it. (Who doesn't love a man in a suit?)

2. At my current job which I've now been at for a year and a half, I'm now training someone else to do my job, and I'm training for a better job. Meaning I should get more hours!

3. I have a job interview in a few hours!

4. Me and Chris are discussing and looking into getting our own place together. (Nothing is confirmed yet though).

5. Yesterday I spent the day outdoors with some friends, enjoying the only bit of sun we've really had this year in London, and I also managed to get myself a slight tan!

6. My sister is pregnant, and she will be having another girl in October!

7. Summer is finally approaching, which is, of course my favourite time of year, BBQ's, beach and summer dresses!

8. Chris and I have also spoke about adopting another cat! :)

That's about all that's going on in my life at the moment, hopefully soon, some big changes will be occuring, hopefully all for the best!

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