Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hello May...

This year really is flying by! 
May has always been an uneventful month for me, no major birthdays or anniversaries to remember and never anything super fun going on.
However, I like May because it's when everything starts to feel slightly more summery, there's a certain happiness in the air, people stop wearing wooly scarfs and hats everyday, flowers are in full bloom and the mornings and nights are getting much lighter.

May this year doesn't hold any massive plans for me, I have a wedding to go to later in the month (if you know me, you will know I love weddings!) and I've also been invited to St. Tropez in a couple of weeks, but I'm having such an ordeal getting my passport sorted that it may not happen.
Also two people that I work with are moving away this month. Which is really kinda sad because we're all really close. 

So, some good and some bad things coming up in the month of May.
Do you have anything going on this month?

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