Monday, 1 October 2012


Happy October!
I actually cannot believe how fast this year has gone, September came and went in a second!
And what a better way to start the month that being stuck in bed ill? Aha, English weather is dreary and cold and rainy so I'm kind of thankful for getting to stay in bed, although I feel a chest infection coming on and it's not fun :(
Chris returned home from Spain on the 13th of September and I haven't had a night without him yet... 
We've both just been being pretty lazy, enjoying each others company, we celebrated our 6 month anniversary, we've been to a few parties, etc. I'll blog with pictures when I'm at a computer but I'm currently blogging from my phone and it's difficult. 
So yeah, nothing exciting really, just taking advantage of the cold months :( 
Hope you're all enjoying autumn! 

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