Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Weekend in London!

Hi! So on Wednesday Chris came to visit so we could go and watch American Pie - The Reunion (which was one of the best films I've seen all year!) He spent two days here, we went for dinner and caught up, then on the Friday I decided to go back to London with him, I hadn't been back since I left and when I did leave I never really got to say goodbye to everyone. So we got a late night train and finally arrived at his around midnight, stopping at the shop on the way to buy alcohol and snacks. We went to meet his friend Anthony, then his brother John and cousin Bobby came back (very drunk) from a night out. We spend the night playing cards and getting very drunk till around 7:30am, when everyone was too tired and too drunk to play anymore.

The next day me and Chris woke up pretty late and decided to go to visit his brothers, sister and nephew in Chelsea. Everyone was playing cards and drinking (their family gambles a lot) and I mostly played with Chris' nephew Jason. He is adorable! We got quite hungry and decided to go for dinner at a chinese restaurant in Earls Court, after dinner we went to visit my old work place (a club/cocktail bar in Earls Court). It was so good to see everyone again, they kept giving us cocktails and shots and we got pretty drunk pretty quickly. Everyone kept telling me to go back which made me quite upset :(
We left there around 12 because Chris' brother was driving back to South East London. When we got there we were both quite tipsy so got him to drop us off in Elephant and Castle where we went to a bar to meet Chris' friend Anthony. We all had one too many vodkas, Chris bought me a rose but it got robbed :( Then Chris suggested going to Ministry of Sound night club!

I've only been to Ministry once back in December, but I got so drunk that it wasn't enjoyable. So we all went there, queued for ages! Then finally got in, it was PACKED! Mark Knight and Eddie Hallawell were playing a Toolroom Knights set (I was so happy as it took me back to Global Gathering 2011).

We danced ALL night, got very drunk, lost my phone, had such a laugh, then at about 4:30/5am when we couldn't dance anymore we went home and passed out.

The next day Chris took me to Nandos to cure my hangover and I came home.
I had such a fun weekend, I'm so glad me and Chris can do pretty much everything together and have so much fun. Argh he's the best!

Now I'm home I'm trying to pack as quickly as possible, we're now moving at the end of this month (which I cannot wait for!). Nothing else has really happened.

Sorry for the lack of pictures on my blog lately, will try to take more!

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