Tuesday, 8 May 2012

On this day last year, I did this.....

What time is it right now?
What is currently your favorite song?
oh god, I have no idea. haven't really listened to music in ages! 
What color are your walls?
I currently have two rooms cos i'm moving, one room is brown one is blue.
What is the weather like?
i haven't been outside today, but it looks sunny! although i'm sure it's cold.
Have you ever truly loved someone?
How well do you trust others?
i find it impossible to trust people, i trust my boyfriend and that's it, but i could never fully trust a person.
Have you ever told someone you loved them, and didn't mean it?
kinda, at the time i thought i meant it, but looking back i really didn't. 
Do you like to read?
i love reading, i've recently started reading again actually, getting through books quite quickly too!
What is your all time favorite book?
i have no idea.
Do you like what you look like in photos?
haha nope, i rarely let people take pictures of me, (unless i'm drunk of course).
Do you have a high or low self esteem?
quite low.
Do you like playing truth or dare?
it's fun sometimes, although i'm a wimp and always pick truth!
What is one thing you could not live without?
my family.
Who is your funniest friend?
probably roz, we have a very similar sense of humor. 
Do you wear a backpack, or carry a bag in school?
i used to carry a bag when i went to school.
What have you done today?
nothing productive. woke up about 12, played with my niece Connie for a bit, spoke to Chris, read Glamour, attempted some of my room, listened to dubstep.
What do you like about the summer?
being tanned, ice cream, hot weather, ice cold drinks, wearing dresses and sandles. 
If someone was chasing you, how would you get away?
urm run?
How old do you think you should be to lose your virginity?
no younger than 15.
What are your thoughts on gay marriage?
i don't see the problem at all.
Do you think they should legalize weed?
i don't smoke it and never have, but for many reasons i think they should. 
Do you have a tv in your room?
not at the moment, we're moving.
Are your parents strict?
How often do you get in bad moods?
Are you a slacker, or an over achiever?
much more of a slacker.
Are you a goody goody, or a bad a**?
a bit of both.
How do you like to wear your hair?
my hair is almost always a mess, if i'm at home it is pretty much always in a bun on top of my head.
When someone calls you beautiful, do you believe it?
Do you like anyone right now?
very much.
What type of movies do you watch on tv?
anything and everything.
What is your favorite type of jewlery?
i love most things from accessorize, (i also keep hinting at my boyfriend for Tiffany's) i prefer bracelets to any jewellry, i don't have my ears pierced and don't ever really wear rings or necklaces.
What do you look at first on a guy?
Would you ever deactivate your facebook?
probably not.
Who is on your block list on facebook?
not sure, haven't looked at it in a while.
Are you close with your neighbors?
How often do you see your relatives?
depends who they are, i see some more than others, i try to see my sisters as often as possible. 
Do you plan on going to college?
i went to sixth form.

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