Monday, 14 May 2012

Romance isn't dead.

So if you read my post on Valentines day, you will already know that my boyfriend is slightly romantic. We had such a perfect night in a hotel, one that we still speak about as being perfect. So the other night I was telling him I wanted to do it again because I enjoyed it so much, and he said that for the weekend he would book us into a hotel for the weekend as a getaway and to spend a bit of time together. 
So on Friday morning he told me what time his train would be arriving and I went to meet him at the station, he told me had a 'suprise' for me! He came round the corner, before his train was due and told me he arrived half an hour before and went for a quick pint before meeting me. (I didn't think anything of it).  He was wearing the same shirt and tie he wore on Valentines and told me that was my suprise, which I thought was adorable! We got a taxi to the hotel, and checked in. As I walked in I saw this.....
 Exactly like Valentines Day! Turns out, he hadn't just arrived 'half an hour early' to go to the pub, but he had arrived a lot earlier, been to the shop, bought loads of tulips (I told him they were my favourite flowers years ago before we were together) and set everything up before I got there.
Not only did he get me loads of tulips!
I'm not sure if I mentioned but last week on a night out, a woman in the club was selling fake roses, and he got me one, then someone stole it when I wasn't looking.
So to make up for it, he also got me some roses :)
 And even more tulps.... :)
 As well as all of my favourite snacks!
Including Doritos and Salsa, Pringles, Crispy M&M's, Hershey's chocolate! 
 Ahh! He is just the cutest person ever!
It was so sweet!

So on the first day of getting there, we went for a hotel tour, then he took me out for dinner at a restaurant we both recently fell in love with, then we went to a pub and had one too many shots before arriving back at the hotel. Once we got back to the hotel we decided to use the hotel pool, sauna and steam room, then we checked out the hotel bar for a few more drinks, then we went back to our room and ordered Indian. 

On the Saturday morning, we woke up a bit too late for breakfast, so got ready and went out for breakfast, then went to the cinema to watch The Lucky One, (which made me cry quite a bit).
Then we popped to the shop for a few drinks, went back to the hotel, ordered Chinese, drank quite a bit and watched rubbish TV.
It really was perfect.
He is perfect.
I'm so happy.
Just wanted to share how cute my weekend was :)

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