Monday, 21 May 2012

Life is a Rollercoaster

So this weekend me and Chris decided against our usual cinema and dinner dates and decided to go to Alton Towers, (he'd never been!)
So he came down to visit me on Friday and then Saturday morning we woke up stupidly early and got the train up north to Alton Towers :)
We had a lovely day, he won me a massive teddy! We drank wine, went on some rides,  took some pictures.
It was great!
So here are a few pictures taken from the day :)
 1) Chris met Sonic! 2) Awful photo of me! But we rarely get pictures together 3) Loving life on the Log Flume, we did get a few ride pictures, but they wouldn't upload properly! 4) Wine in the sunshine 5) My boyfriend being attractive 6) The teddy Chris won for me!

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