Thursday, 23 February 2012

Valentine's Day - Slightly Late!

Slightly late post, but I haven't really had time to blog about it, but it was so perfect I felt the need to blog about it!

So I've kinda been seeing a guy for the past 5 months, we're not together/not getting together (not anytime soon anyway). But he was my valentine :)
He told me the day before that he had hired a driver for the day and that he would pick me up at 8:30pm to take me to dinner. (He bought me the dress in the previous post btw, and he told me to wear it). So I got ready and the doorbell rang, he gave me a rose and asked me to be his valentine! (So cute)
I got in the car and we drove to the Park Lane Hilton Hotel! We got taken to our table and ate some really good food and drank a couple of bottle of wine. He then asked if I wanted to go upstairs to look at the we got in the lift and he put a key in a door, when we walked in there was 50 tulips on the bed (I told him 3 years ago that tulips were my favourite flowers!) He took me over to the window on the 17th floor and it was probably the most beautiful view i've ever seen, the London Eye, Big Ben and everything! Cutest thing ever.

We then went further upstairs to the bar 'Galvin at Windows', we drank cocktails and the view was even more beautiful.

The night was perfect, we even had a mini bar in our room <3

The best valentine's day I've ever had.
By far.
I'm a lucky girl.
(P.S I did take pictures but they're on his phone. Sorry!)

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