Friday, 10 February 2012

Birthday Presents!

Got this off one of my sisters, love Lush more than anything! And it has 'The Comforter' inside it, which has always been my favourite bubble bar. Mmm.
Got these babies off another sister, so cute!
I got this off my friend/my sisters boyfriend's little brother.
So basically, I was searching everywhere for a dress to wear on my birthday, I finally found this one, but didn't buy it, because I wanted to look around some shops first, but I posted the link on my Twitter saying I wanted it. Then forgot all about the dress, a week or so later, I woke up and found the dress on the pillow next to me. Chris had heard me speaking about it to my sister and he made a fake Twitter profile to find the dress and get it. Cutest thing in the world.
Unfortunately I couldn't find any shoes to wear with it on my birthday so never got to wear it. But I'm sure I will soon :)
I also got some jewellery, money and plenty of alcoholic drinks bought for me on my birthday from everybody else. The guys I work with all got me some flowers and two bottles of champagne.

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  1. Aahhh that dress is so nice! A massively belated happy birthday! Sounds like you obviously had a good day x