Friday, 24 February 2012

Nails Nails Nails!

Thought i'd do a quick post today on my nails!
My older sister who I live with works in a nail shop in Chelsea that her boyfriend owns so I get manicures quite often, I've started to try out different colours/patterns etc. So here are a few recent ones.
These were done by my sisters boyfriends brother last week for my sisters birthday party. I wore a white dress with silver sequins on it! My ring fingers were glittery and the rest were white. I never have white nails, but I really liked them.

There was no occasion for these, but I popped in for a colour change anyway, I used to always have dark nails but I decided as I wear alot of black that I'd go for something a bit brighter. I couldn't decide between the pink and purple so I had both!

And lastly, my christmas nails!
They look slightly like mushrooms, they're not meant to. But either way, I thought they were cute.
She used a cotton bud to do the white. Love them!

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