Wednesday, 8 February 2012

19th Birthday!

The 1st February saw me turn 19.
And obviously as I live with/associate with a bunch of party animals, of course, we went all out.

Birthday eve - Cocktails and dinner at Benihana on Kings Road with Ann and Chris.
So good.
Birthday breakfast, Nandos and wine. mmm. Again with Ann and Chris.
After plenty of pre drinking at our house, we decided to go for more 'pre-drinks' at my work place, however, we got slightly carried away....
After a drinking session there, we all decided to get in some cabs and head to Leicester Square, however, as we arrived pretty late nowhere was really good, so we turned around - picked up more to drink and went and had a raving party at our house. The night consisted of very loud Dubstep, fake snow from massive teddies getting EVERYWHERE and many drunken people. I think everyone left at about 6am and we spent the whole next day cleaning up :|
pretty safe to say I again had another brilliant birthday!
love my life.

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