Wednesday, 18 January 2012

cute day out.

i'm trying really hard to blog more, but i'm a busy bee so do excuse my terrible blogging lately. however, i'll update you on yesterday as i had a lovely day.
so my friend chris had been telling me about this american/retro sweet shop he wanted to take me to for the past week and yesterday we decided to go. so i met him in covent garden yesterday and he greeted me with my favourite starbucks drink (he knows me far too well). then off we went to a shop called 'cybercandy' and it was honestly the best thing i've ever seen in my life, two floors of sweets/chocolates and cool drinks. picked up plenty of treats including cherry dr pepper, strawberry fanta, cookies and cream milky bar, oreo brownies etc. i was in heaven!
then after spending a very long amount of time in there we then went for a look around covent garden (i've only been once and i went drinking there so it was nice to have a look around) i popped into lush for a few things and then we went to tgi friday's for dinner and cocktails. then we decided to go to london dungeon, however, when we got there it was shut to we went to leicester square and went into haagan dazs for a hot chocolate. so lovely. then we went to the cinema to watch 'goon'. lovely.

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