Thursday, 3 November 2011

busy busy busy

Hello! Wow, it's been a while! I've been so busy lately I haven't even thought about blogging! :|
My apologies.
And now as I finally sit down to blog I don't even know where to start. I feel like there's so much to tell you all about how crazy the past 6 weeks in London have been! Well, I'll start by saying how much I absolutely love this place. I may have said before how since I was really young I wanted to live here. I used to hate living in such a small town, where everyone knows each other and there's never anything to do. So when I finally did it I couldn't wait.
So, I'm not going to do a huge blog with pictures and full detail. I'll just sum up slightly what I've been doing and what London is like for me.
As you know I moved here to go to university in North London at the end of September, I travelled 3 hours from home. I wasn't scared, my older sister lives here and I moved down with one of my close friends who is also going to the same uni (we're on different campus's though as we're not doing the same course).


So I moved in to my new house, a house share with a few older people (not students) with every intention of getting used to the place and living there for at least my first year of uni. However, the place was not exactly what I expected. There was no lock on the door, it smelt funny and my landlord slept in the next room to sum it up. I hated it. I did not feel comfortable there at all and spent about 3 nights there in 3 weeks. (Every night someone would stay as I was too scared to stay there on my own in fear of being kidnapped). So after 3 weeks of completely hating the place (seriously, the only good thing about it was that it was really close to the university!) My sister told me to go and live with her till I found somewhere else. So that day we packed everything and took an hour and half journey across London to Chelsea where she lives with her boyfriend and his brother. I really like this place, it's in a safe area, the flat is lovely and I live with people i'm comfortable with. So yeah, for now i'm living here.


Urm, uni....well, as i'm not staying in halls I found that it was strange making friends with people, I probably found it harder than some people. However in my inducti0n week I did meet a few people who are all really lovely. My course isn't too bad. Pretty boring though and long but I don't mind it. I'm learning quite a bit and find it really interesting.


So like the unorganised person I am, I was stupidly late with my student finance application therefore I haven't had my student loan through yet! Not good so yes, I was forced to get a job here. (not forced as I really enjoy working - to an extent - but I do) So my sister passed me on to a family friend who owns a snooker club in South London. So off I went to work there. I'd been there quite a few times before with family when drunk to party and things, but I didn't really know what to expect from working there. The best way to describe it would probably be a 'man's cave' so when the pub is shut, upstairs is a snooker area and the guys all get together to play poker (all night). Me and one other girl basically have to be super nice and get them ANYTHING they want. Constantly taking them beers, food, cigarettes, anything. It was a long night and I didn't really enjoy it too much and with it being the other side of London I didn't want to start working there regularly.

I was then offered a job in a book shop in Chelsea Farmers Market, next door to my sisters shop. I went to speak to the man about it, loved the idea of it. But the pay was rubbish so he never got a phone call back either.

So I was jobless. Until 2 weeks ago when me and Ann (my sister) went out to our local bar. She is really good friends with the owner Oli as we go there all the time and she asked him if he needed any work. He said he wanted to sack the current girl anyway and told me to start tomorrow....
I've worked there 3 times now and I can honestly say I love it! It's a cocktail bar/club in Earls Court and my job is to kind of waitress and then I work on the door stamping people and taking entrance money. I get to wear a radio and on my first night I got asked to dinner twice and an Italian guy made me a rose out of a napkin.
The people there are all some of the nicest people i've ever met and constantly make you do shots. The owner Oli is also lovely. One of the security guards had a baby so Oli opened two bottles of champagne for everyone and ordered everyone chinese. On Halloween I worked for 16 hours, but so many people I know went there that I managed to enjoy myself so much. I really do love the job!

My first visitor

So after a week of moving to London my friend Ryan came down to visit me, we went around London and then decided to go to Camden to try and see if there were any cool bands playing anywhere. However when we got dinner I stupidly left my phone on the floor and now I have no phone. Because I'm so clever.
But yes, eventually I got over the stress of not having a phone, got a new cheap phone and we got invited out by my sister and her friends in Chelsea (I was living in North London at the time) so at midnight we finally got ready and went down to the cocktail bar I now work at. There was about 10 people there already so we had to drink pretty quickly to catch up with everyone! When it shut we set off to Peckham (where Ann's boyfriends family live) they have a huge marquee in their back garden and usually have loads of people over playing poker. So we bought a few (about 10) bottles of wine and went down South for an after party. there was about 30 people there and we partied. At 8am-ish me and Ryan took the long journey back to my house and slept for the day. Fun times.
(A week after I was telling Ryan about The Streets - one of my favourite bands ever - playing in Battersea at Freeze Festival, he straight away bought us both tickets. However I stupidly got a weekend job and didn't end up going. How gutting.)


So other than uni and working I have had PLENTY of time to party. Drinking almost everyday and going out to eat at restaurants daily has began to have an affect however. But still I've had so much fun. the majority of my time has been spent with Ann and her boyfriend's two brothers Chris and P. We've been to the cinema a few times, seen Contagion, We Need to Talk about Kevin and Killer Elite. Ate at so many restaurants I can't even count, been to more pubs than I thought existed, been to so many parties, Chris took me and Ann shopping and to dinner also which was fun, we visited M&M world, went to a poker tournament and as well as that her boyfriend's other brother Boogz, forced me to go and have a photoshoot with him in Oxford Street because no one else was free. He said 'I've already paid, you just need to sit there and got pampered' So we drove to Oxford St. got my hair/nails and make up done and we had a photoshoot which was fun.
We've also spent quite a bit of time with my sisters other friend Jeff and his younger brother Ron. They're both Philippino and good fun. We've been out for drinks and dinner a few times and Ron has asked me to go out with him again sometimes :) I love London.

So yeah, that doesn't cover everything but that's all I can think of atm. Obviously we've done so much more but I cannot remember.
I'll do a better/more organised post soon and hopefully show you some pictures.
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Hope everyone is good :)

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