Wednesday, 14 December 2011

living in london

hello lovelies!
i'm so sorry again for being the worst blogger in the history of the world!
but london life sure does keep you busy.
i've managed to provide you with a few photos this time though however just to show you a little bit of what i've been doing lately!
as you know i started working in a cocktail bar/club, so all of my weekends have been taken over by that, which i absolutley love by the way. everyone i work with is absolutely lovely, i get to meet people from all around the world, and i get to drink as many cocktails as i want! i couldn't ask for a better job!
as well as working, i've had plenty of time to enjoy and make the most of being an 18 year old living in london!
i've had plenty of nights out, visited many pubs, clubs, cocktail bars and one of the best nights out, ministry of sound!
so other than that, i've been out to many restaurants, drank more than i've ever drank in my life, met some amazing people, and pretty much had the best few months of my life.

(p.s i don't know why everything is hyperlinked and underlined. blogger is rubbish)
i'll try to post more!
hope everybody is good!

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