Tuesday, 6 September 2011

University update!

As some of you may have read the other day I was having a bit of a mare concerning uni! (you'll read it a couple of posts down!)
But yes, I didn't really wanna go, it seemed everything was against me going and I didn't really have much choice other than to defer my entry!
But after your lovely comments full of advice and some help from an old friend, I decided to look in to a student overdraft. I read that you can get a £500 overdraft when you're a student which I plan to go and enquire about tomorrow morning and fingers crossed I get it!
Also, my sister rang me a couple of days ago saying that the guy she lives with in Chelsea (her boyfriends brother) offered for me to stay there for a few weeks till my loan is sorted and stuff! So now i'm not completely stranded.
But! She also rang yesterday saying she'd found a place with a much cheaper deposit and rent which she went to view today and I think I may just put a deposit down! :D
Happy days!
Thank you to those who commented with the advice, it helped a lot!
I'll keep you updated!


  1. Yay! Glad things are looking up :) I'm going to get my overdraft today. Hope it comes through fast!
    I reallyyyy don't want to go Uni. I just don't think I'm smart enough! But I don't just want to go and get a job. With less than 2 weeks until I start, I think I'm a little late to be changing my mind! Ah well.

  2. Thank you :) I went in today and should get it by tomorrow! :D
    I feel the exact same, I didn't do well in my A levels and really struggled through them! I don't feel like I should be going a step up from that :|
    I'm sure you'll be fine though! x