Sunday, 11 September 2011

Busy busy busy

I've been so busy this week, since getting back from Reading I've had such a stressful time, as I mentioned in a previous post that me and Josh broke up. As well as having the biggest uni stresses ever and being really ill!
I pretty much lived off this for a week and a half. I don't know what was wrong with me.
Luckily i'm feeling much better now though.

When i'd finally recovered I got back to work and had to deal with all this uni business! Who knew it would be so stressful! As I also mentioned previously all the student halls are full so i've been house hunting. Fortunatley I have a sister who lives in London, and she found me a house share a short journey away from campus, I put a deposit down last week and I've abused my bank card a bit a lot, getting all the bits and bobs that go with living on your own!
As well as also investing in all the Jackass movies, two new dresses, a Libertines t shirt, new shoes, a new necklace and a couple of cheeky nights out. (I am terrible when I have money in the bank!)
But on another (more sensible) note, I now almost have everything I need including a student cookbook which should arrive tomorrow!

All the stress aside, I decided that on Thursday I would meet a few of my friends and have a few cheeky drinks. I needed a laugh seems since breaking up with Josh I haven't been out or really seen my friends much at all! So me and my friend Shanice got a bottle of rose and a bottle of shots, met up with a few of our friends and headed to the pub. It was a chilled night with good company. Me, Shanice, John, Ash and James ended up coming home with a dog and ordering pizza, I fell asleep at some point.

Friday I did a bit more shopping and bought a new bag and a few other bits for my new house!
And then on Saturday whilst I was at work my older sister text me telling me we were going out...not one to turn down a night out, off I went to her house where we bought a few pre drinks, got ourselves dressed up whilst listening to some music, got our glad rags on and off we went.
(these pictures make me look awfully frumpy and strange)
I've never been out with my sister before because she has children and has got boring since having them!
However, off we stumbled on down to a pub to meet my uncle and a few of his friends. We ended up all then getting a taxi to another pub where a few guys I knew were so I had a little catch up with them, then we got a taxi down to my local pub.
I saw quite a few people I knew so ended up staying with my friends Dan and Sam the majority of the night, I danced quite a bit, drank several pints/vodkas/jugs, gave my number to a completely random guy who I remember offered to cook for me. (I need to stop doing this as I get so confused when I get random texts the next morning!)
All in all it was a very chilled, good night.
It was also lovely to go out with my family!

As well as partying and stressing I've also been spending plenty of time with the latest addition to the family, Isabelle. Born on the 19th of August at 8lbs, she is beautiful!
So gutted i'm moving away so won't get to see her so much though :(
So, I move two weeks tomorrow and will soon be selling my computer to get a laptop, and I'm not entirely sure when the internet will be up and running on it so if I don't blog for a while, I do apologise! I'll try to as much as possible. Follow me on Twitter for regular updates because I'm addicted to the thing!
Hope you're all well! :)

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