Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Reading Festival!

Ahh the long awaited Reading Festival post!
Only a week late, I have been meaning to do it, but was waiting for my friend to put her pictures up so I had a good collection :)
So as many of you know Reading/Leeds festival was on not long ago, as I pretty much live in the middle of both it wasn't really a big decision of which to go to but my friend was selling Reading tickets so we went on down there on the Thursday night, and after getting lost, 4 hours later we finally got to place! We walked around for what felt like hours in the muddy rain that night finding the entrance, getting wristbands and finding our friends so we could camp by them! (We was not in the best of moods at all) And to make it even worse I am worlds worst camper and struggle to pitch a tent (at Global Gathering I asked the guys in the tent next to us to do it) but luckily our friend Craig knew what he was doing and helped us.
As we was tired as anything we fell asleep pretty much straight away after all the fuss.
The next morning it was still raining, and not only was it raining outside, but it had rained in our tents!
We did buy a brand new tent too! So as you can guess we woke up, both in our sleeping bags, freezing cold and with wet hair! Lovely!
I had no other choice than to turn to drink at this point....
Luckily, Reading is not like most festivals and is actually in a town, so there is a Tesco just around the corner!
So in the rain the 5 of us did the painful walk to Tesco at 8pm in the morning, walking through many puddles and not really having any idea where we was going but following other welly wearing people in hope they were also going to Tesco we eventually reached it.
I'd never felt so good to be indoors with heating!
Me and Roz firstly found a double duvet for around £7 and definitely bought that!
We then went over to the clothes section, clever Jodie had only bought one jacket as I expected heat! However that had gotten soaked so I invested in a large woolly cardigan and some woolly tights also. We then stocked up on plenty of food and drink before heading over to Costa!
Ah it felt so good to have a large hot chocolate and somewhere warm to sit....
(Roz didn't want early morning pictures)
Our other friends eventually went back to the campsite while we were lingering in Costa for as long as we could, so after a while me and Roz endured the long walk back with plenty to carry! Stopping us on our tracks though was a white van/mini bus thing, which stopped next to us offering a lift to Waitrose with free food!
It seemed a bit dodgy but the festival goers coming out said it was legit.
So me and Roz got in this van along with about 10 others and drove to Waitrose.
Waitrose offered nice portaloos which was amazing in comparison to the disgusting festival toilets, and tray of free beef burgers! (safe to say I was in heaven!)
We eventually got on the free van/mini bus back and finally arrived back at the campsite, dry, full of good food and in much better moods.

So down we went to the arenas!
The place was huge! I think the first band we watched were Architects?
The guy with the guitar was from Bring me the Horizon.
He came right next to us!
The place was obviously full of different people, wearing all kinds of different things.....
After a while, a happy moment in my life occurred and Offspring came on!
Playing songs like 'Pretty Fly for a White Guy' and 'All I want' I was actually loving it!
We happened to land ourselves next to a massive circle pit of mud fighting/sliding/wrestling boys.
I hugged the completely black one with the thing around is head, so I shortly also looked like this... (not a wise idea on the first day there.)

After watching many great bands, it finally got to one point I had been counting the days down for...
30 Seconds to Mars!
I can't even express my love for Jared Leto!
Me and Roz went absolutely crazy!
We met these two guys throughout it, and the one with hair let me get on his shoulders so I could see better! I was so happy!
The day after me and Roz both got Henna Tattoos of the 30 Seconds to Mars logo on our wrists (I'm far too scared to get a real tattoo even though I want loads!)
Shortly after we saw a glimpse of the headliners My Chemical Romance then went on over to Beady Eye.
Yes my friends, that is Liam Gallagher.
The second day soon came and we again saw many great bands including Pulp, Madness and The Strokes.
We hung out with two guys who were also camping next to us that day and after dancing pretty much all night, this night actually killed me.

Sunday soon came, the day/night I'd also been so excited about!
By that morning our living quarters had gotten pretty disgusting and first thing in the morning we were not a pretty site!
This is me and everyone I camped with about to watch Taking Back Sunday!
Throughout the day we saw Panic! at the Disco, Jimmy Eat World, Enter Shikari, Frank Turner....
And even Simon Cowell.....
I also had another very excitable moment when I saw an advertisement for the new Blink 182 album!
As the night came I got so excited, till eventually at around 8 o'clock The Streets finally made an entrance! (sadly clashing with Ed Sheeran!) It was honestly one of the best acts of the weekend, and as it was their last gig ever as they're sadly breaking up, I'm so happy to have been there.
Again another random guy let me get on his shoulders to see Mike Skinner in all his glory. They played all of their big songs and we danced the whole time. I loved it!

We saw a few songs from Muse shortly after but left early so we could see the final performance of the weekend that is, Pete Doherty.
I love Pete Doherty.
I know a lot of people hate him because of his drug addictions and what not, but his music is amazing and he is so attractive!
He played an acoustic set which was amazing! He also sang Tears Dry on Their Own as a tribute to Amy Winehouse! I honestly couldn't ask for a better end to an amazing weekend!
Luckily the weather wasn't too bad throughout the weekend, it kept getting sunny and raining and there was infact TWO rainbows over the weekend!
I geniunley had one of the best weekends of my life, and will definitely be returning next year!

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