Friday, 2 September 2011

University Troubles!

Okay, I need to rant, and advice would also be great so feel free to comment away!
I'm supposed to start university down in London (3 hours away from home) on 3rd October, most people move down around the 26th September, it's September now!
All student halls are full, I've looked around loads for house/flat shares but all require a £400 deposit upfront as well as a months rent which is also around £400 when you move in! (baring in mind i'm on minimum wage...). I can't help feeling stupidly unprepared for all of this, I've bought absolutely nothing for a house as of yet and still feel like I'm just not ready for all of this right now. I thought I was and i've been so excited to move down to London and meet everyone and go to uni but now it's here I don't want it.
I don't think I could cope without my friends and family being around me all the time as well as having no money whatsoever for a deposit/house and to live off. Also, like the unorganised idiot I am, I only recently sent off my student finance, therefore my loan will go in late as it's not even all confirmed, so I'd also have to fend for myself for the first few weeks or so and I'd need quite a bit of money anyway to live in London.
I hate it.

I don't want this to seem like this is the reason, but Josh and I also broke up yesterday and one of the reasons was because he said he would't be able to cope with the distance and uni and things. Which has only made me consider not going even more. I know how naive and stupid that sounds, and honestly even if that hadn't happened I still couldn't afford to live and still feel scarily unprepared for everything, but obviously as you can guess that made me question it even more.

I still want to go, I just want to defer my entry by a year, to give me time to actually figure out what I want in life and get a full time job and save and things.
The thing is, I've tried to tell my mom this, but she's so proud that one of her daughters is going to uni and she doesn't realise how serious I am about this. I've tried telling my friends but they're all just saying that 'if i don't go now then i never will', which I'm pretty sure that from living here for one more year will make me want to go away more than anything. And if I defer my entry then I'm still guaranteed a place anyway so I will go, I do want to do something with my life, I want a good career and I'd love more than anything to live in London so I'm certain I would go still.
Right now though, I'm not very dependent at all, as soon as I get money I spend it on rubbish, I can barely cook and I rely on others far too much and I seriously don't feel like I'm ready at all!

I honestly don't know what to do.


  1. The money side of things, open up a student acount (you need ID and your ucas letter), shop around you can probably get £1000 overdraft or something. Also I believe you can get a credit card at the same time (not ideal but it is money you can spend in advance so mehh). If you defer do you have to pay the bigger fees? cause you never know whats going to happen when you get there, you are going to meet so many people and have so many opportunities. I'm leaving in 2 weeks and I am so scared but I keep having to tell myself it's what I make of it, if I don't go I have nothng to do here, if I do go I can do my best to meet new people. Uni is meant to be the best years of your life so go and enjoy it while it's cheaper I say. And don't worry about money, there are always ways around that xxx

  2. I feel the same in that I DON'T WANT TO GO and I don't feel ready at all! I'm sorry to hear that you broke up with your boyfriend but you shouldn't let that be taken that into consideration even a little because you will definitely meet new people, friends, boyfriends etc down there.
    If you defer your entry, will that mean you'd be paying the current fees or you'd have to pay £9000 a year? If it's £9000 then it's not worth the worry; go this year!
    Hope you figure it out soon anyway! x

  3. Hey Jodie, it is a really big decision and its good that you acknowledge that. If you don't feel prepared to move down then I would suggest that you try and get a full time position where you are working now so that you can save up and be prepared for next year. I know that you might love/like Josh but don't make that situation get in the way of what you want to do with your life. It might feel bad for now, but at the end of the day that was his choice to not stick by you and your still young and will still meet plenty of different people. Its not like Josh is the only guy in the planet that you will come across and you lost him.
    If you do want to go to university this year though, have you tried speaking to different banks about just taking out a loan of £1,000 or so as that may help you move into a place in London and still have money to live on.
    With telling people, don't listen to your friends, that sounds harsh but trust me if you want to move to London you will some way or another. If you sit down with you mum and tell her your worries (money, not being prepared) then I am sure she will understand especially if you say that you are going to try your best to get as much money as possible to move next year to go to university. If you want to talk about this just send me an email or something to I am here to talk to if you want :) xx