Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hello there :) sorry for being so rubbish lately, i've been stupidly busy with work and things, working 5 days a week and stuff is hard work! I also went to Reading Festival last weekend which was amazing! I'll do a post on it soon but honestly it was one of the best weekends of my life, saw so many of my favourite bands and singers and what not, I loved every second!
However, since getting home from Reading on Monday morning I have been so ill :( I feel like i'm dying, i've been getting in from work and going straight to bed :( I get to see Josh tomorrow for the first time since Thursday as he's coming over to look after me so hopefully that'll make me feel slightly better.
Also, my sister finally had her baby a couple of weeks ago, so I now have a new niece, Isabelle, weighing 8lbs! She's beautiful :)
Not a fat lot else has really happened, having to house hunt daily though as I move to London the end of September and all of the student halls are full! What a nightmare!
So yes, expect a monster Reading post tomorrow or sometime in the week :)

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