Monday, 8 August 2011

the weekends are for partying.

last weekend.
another weekend in the life of jodie, usually consisting of 3 house parties over the 3 days.
friday night: it was my day off work on friday and all of my friends were either being boring or hungover from going out the night before, so when my friend becky text me asking me to do something i was more than happy to. we arranged to go and buy a few drinks then go over to my other friend shanice's house.
we got a crate and headed to shanice's, shanice said that she had invited a couple of people and asked me to invite some others and make a party out of it.
about 15 people soon joined us, a lot of drinking occured, a lot of dancing to loud music and everything else occured. also seen a few faces i hadn't seen since school which is always good. i left to go and sleep at my boyfriend's house at 2ish cos i couldn't be doing with sleeping on the floor, he greeted a very drunk me and i soon passed out in his bed.

saturday night: due to being hungover i called in sick from work on saturday morning and instead spent the day lying in josh's back garden with josh, gary and vicki, and being made sausage sandwiches by my lovely boyfriend :)
i went home at 4ish as josh had work and i wanted to get changed and what not.
i met him from work at 7:30ish and got myself a bottle of vodka for the night ahead.
we went to his and there was already a few people over.
being the only girl out of about 9 guys resulted in plenty of football talk, plenty of cod playing, plenty of innappropriate jokes etc.
i did have a sneaky few games on ufc though and did end up beating both josh and craig quite a few times ;)
after a few drinks, gary decided to bring out his tattoo gun!
as a lot of the guys already have smiley faces on their feet the others decided to also get one, so dale ended up tattooing a very wonky smiley on craig's foot and josh did one on will.
gary's girlfriend vicki soon arrived, rescuing me from the boy antics, at about 11 she drove us both to maccies and we got fat and shut the guys up for a bit by bringing them back maccies :)
(good girfriend awards? i think so)
at 3ish everyone finally decided to go home and me and josh eventually passed out also.

sunday night: sunday day time i worked till 5, but when i got home roz asked if i wanted to go to the pub as they had a 'gay pride' day on. i had nothing on so i said yes, as we got there a lot of our friends were there and were already VERY drunk. i had a pint and caught up with a few friends. as the weather was quite rubbish shanice arranged an after party at hers, so me, roz, tom, danny, john and shanice headed to shanice's, and after a while kad, dan, rachael and there australian friend kohen joined us :) and we were also shortly joined by grace and neomi.
plenty of drinks were drunk and plenty of weird dressing up occured.
we also made the australian guy say many different phrases (L) of course.
me and roz eventually went home at half 3 ready for a good nights sleep after a long weekend of partying.

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