Monday, 8 August 2011

how wonderful life is, now you're in the world.

kinda felt like babbling on about my boyfriend again just because things have been pretty perfect lately and i'm extremely happy and he is a big fat reason why!
i cannot believe we've already almost been together 5 months! it's flew!
we had a bit of a fall out a few weeks ago, it was tough as he was trying to quit his job and get a new job as well as moving out of his dads so obviously things were a bit stressy.
but since everything has been sorted we went straight back to being perfect again, infact, things are actually better now. he now lives with his two friends, one of which i have knew for quite a while, and i get on with them both really well as well as making friends with one of their girlfriends!
i'm trying to spend quite a bit of time with him before uni in october as we wont be able to see eachother as often as i'll be a big 3 hours away! :|
we both know how hard it's going to be but right now we're just enjoying the time we have together and i'm really happy with that :)

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