Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Riots - Rant

As most of you will probably know there are riots going on in London right now, for those of you who maybe don't live in the UK or just don't really follow the news, the jist of it is that London police shot a black man and a lot of people are claiming it was a racist attack, so in order to get justice for the man they are setting buildings on fire around London (and now Birmingham and other places around England) and hurting officers and innocent people and pretty much just destroying London.

This angers me in so many ways, I don't live in London but my sister does and quite a lot of people I know do, I have been watching the news and heard that youths have been arrested for attempted murder to a police officer! I think it's all gotten way out of control, nobody has a clue what justice is anymore. Police are saying there is no room in prisons to arrest these people, so the people losing their homes, cars and businesses will not get justice and as for trying to get justice for the man who was shot in the first place....if you ask me I think many people are just using it as an excuse to go crazy and cause trouble. How can you sleep at night knowing you've just destroyed somebodies home, or somebodies business they have probably spent their whole lives trying to build?! It sickens me.

It is affecting so many innocent people, if you're angry at the police, fair enough. No need to attempt to murder them, because surely that's making you just as bad!? There is no need for it, I really don't see any logic whatsoever in destroying the place that you live.

What makes me even angrier is that these people are stealing things from the shops, and now Birmingham and Bristol and apparently Liverpool have jumped on the bandwagon and are also rioting and robbing shops. 'I know, we'll get justice from this guy from setting shops on fire and stealing things from shops' What absolute idiots. Your parents must be so proud of you!

Things like this make me so angry and it makes teenagers and young adults look bad. If I had it my way they would all be punished, sometimes I wish I had some kind of authority over the court and things so I could punish them.

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