Friday, 5 August 2011

A random birthday!

A few Friday's ago when I was at work I text my friend Shanice to see if she wanted to go for a drink after work for a catch up, she then said that it was a friend Sheree's birthday and that a few of them were going out, after very little persuasion I gave in and decided I can always manage a good old girls night. Especially as I'd had a bit of a rubbish time that week anyway.
So after work we went to buy a few pre drinks and a new top!
And off we went to her house to get the party started and get ready.
(taking plenty of pictures in the process.)
Once we were ready we got in a taxi to Sheree's where a few others were waiting for us, we then all got in the taxi and headed to Ironbridge for a bit of a pub crawl.
We ended up being barred from the first pub for being a bit too loud, but 4 pubs later we only got worse.
A few of the others wanted to go to Spoons and clubbing, but me, Shanice and Kim couldn't be bothered, so we got a taxi to a different pub and continued to party.
I remember buying too many shots, dancing like a crazy person and several guys using terrible chat up lines to try to chat me up.
Once our feet couldn't dance anymore and the pub was coming close to closing we all decided to head back to Sheree's to meet everyone again and have a few more drinks.
So at 2:30am off we walked to the after party.
When we arrived the girls weren't home yet but a few of our friends, Dale, Tom, John, Craig and Anthony were there.
A few more drinks were consumed, me and Craig ended up playing great music such as Johnny Cash, Jamie T and Blink 182 and he soon became my new best friend.
After a few songs on the guitar and plenty of banter later we noticed it was light outside.
We headed back to Shanice's at 7am and I quickly got my stuff together and went home for a quick hours sleep before work at 10am!
Oh the joys of being a party animal!
All in all a pretty good, (unexpected) night, spent with great company and plenty of alcoholic bevvies!

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