Friday, 5 August 2011


possibly one of the best weekends of my life.
as i may have mentioned in a previous post, my friend roz turned 18 in march and for her birthday her mom gave her some money. the original plan was go to ibiza or a holiday somewhere. however, like the unorganised teenagers we are, neither of us bothered getting passports or anything.
so we had a long hard think about what to do, and as we was already going to Reading Festival we decided we wanted to go a rave.
roz went home one night and looked in to it, and asked me if i wanted to go to Global Gathering!
i had a little look on the website and looked at the line up and of course agreed!
so we went out and she bought us both tickets, and last friday morning, at a very early hour, with kopperberg in hand we got on the train to stratford-upon-avon ready for what was sure to be a crazy weekend!
as you're not allowed to take your own alcohol (STUPIDEST RULE EVER) we cheekily managed to sneak in 3 bottles of vodka, even after being searched! and in we went.
of course, we are both terrible campers so i ended up asking the guys camping next to us to help pitch the tent.
we had a few vodka lemonades then went to buy a 24 crate of cold pear cider. (at £45!!!)
we rang our friends who we knew were also going, and went over to their camp site for some pre-drinks as the arenas didn't open till 5pm!
after a few more vodkas and ciders conversations got flowing and we got speaking to some guys from essex, who eventually turned out to be drink stealing losers!
i also got chatting to some guys from norwich, who were lovely!
i had a nice chat with one of them (i later saw him off his face on ketamine) but he seemed nice anyway.

so anyway, 5'o clock finally came and off we went to get our party on.
one of the girls we were with was far too drunk at this point and didn't actually make it, so a few of them stayed with her, but me and roz still went off to get our groove on.
we raved to a few people we didn't really know, then went to a stage where i got talking to a few guys from chester! roz then got talking (and kissing) to another guy, and she eventually took off with him leaving me with these people from chester! (was not too fun at the time)
they were nice, and i ended up on one of their shoulders raving to Benny Benassi at one point!
one of the guys bought me a pint and we danced away.
however, when he started to try and kiss me i ditched them and set off on my own.

i still couldn't find roz, her phone was off as we were both trying to save our phone batterys.
i sat down as it had got quite late and i couldn't find any of my friends anywhere.
i started to get slightly annoyed as Pendulum were playing and i really wanted to go and see them!
after sitting down for 15 minutes eventually two guys sat next to me and started talking to me.
they were lovely!
i explained that i was on my own and told them i wanted to see Pendulum.
the guys looked after me all night, taking me to see Pendulum, Rusko, Annie Mac, Eric Prydz, Underworld and so many more amazing people.
we raved, they bought my drinks all night and even waited around when i needed the toilet!
i also got asked if one of them were my boyfriend, and when finding out neither of them wasn't, a random man actually proposed to me..........awkward.
roz eventually caught up with us, and we all danced until 3am, till our feet could literally not take anymore dancing and me and roz went back to the tent and passed out.
the next morning, at about 8am, i was woken up by the extremely loud music coming from the waltzers (which roz cleverly told us to camp behind!) and the sun shining and burning me!
it was so hot and i was so hungover that when we was queueing for the toilets i actually passed out!

i was so ill on the saturday, we took some drinks over again to the campsite our friends were staying at and spent the morning sunbathing and talking about the night before.
i managed to eat a burger, costing £6!
we had a moan that some of our money had gone missing, and some friendly scottish guys kindly just gave us £20 (to stop us moaning!) HOW LOVELY!

the arenas didn't open till 3pm that day, giving me plenty of time to half recover and get a very good tan (despite the half leg tan due to shorts and wellies!)
i was hungover and not wanting pictures! ^
we finally headed to the arenas at 4:30ish and i honestly felt really ill, we danced a little bit in some of the arenas, i stuck to drinking water!
at half 5ish i felt so ill i had to go back to the tent for a sleep, hoping to feel better after it.
roz woke me up at 7ish and i threw up then went to party some more.
saw Tinie Tempah, Skrillex and a few more people and danced away as well as meeting so many hilarious people.
we bought UV paint and danced some more.
we was awaiting Chase and Status who i most wanted to see, but as he wasn't on till 11:15 and i was absolutley dead i didn't even make it :( (i also wanted to see Borgore but actually was not willing to wait till 3:15am to see him!)
i went back to the tent at 11, threw up again then passed out, was woken up by roz a few hours later then we both fell asleep.
i have never been so hungover in my life.
we left pretty early in the morning for the two hour journey home.
i got home and slept all day and only recovered fully by the tuesday!
i must have been drunk!

we took SO many more pictures but they're on disposable cameras and we haven't got them developed yet, our friend also took loads but hasn't uploaded them yet.
it was such a good weekend minus the hangover!
i would definitely go again but not drink so much on the first day.
all i can say is, BRING ON READING IN 3 WEEKS! :D
proud owner of a VERY brown shoulder!


  1. Good that you had such a good time! I can't believe someone just gave you £20. For free!! Makes up for the Essex people who stole your drinks at least! x

  2. aha i know! what a babe :)
    the essex guys stole our friends vodka too! but we went in search and found it in their tent! what slimes!