Friday, 12 August 2011

Ranting cos I'm in a bad mood!

Worlds worst day partially. Or maybe it's just cos I was in a bad mood this morning so pretty much everything has pissed me off today. Therefore I'm going to rant.

- Working in the rain and thunder for one does not make me happy.
- When the owner of my work place comes in and asks me to clean up and coming across about 8 MASSIVE spiders does not make me happy.
- One of the guys at work chasing me with one of the spiders does not make me happy.
- Being paid and owing every penny of it out.
- Getting asked to do three different things, but having to say no to them all and instead staying in at home on your own, due to the fact that you have no money.
- Having no money also meaning you can't go and see your boyfriend till next Friday!
- A level results day being scarily close.
- A level results day also meaning somehow finding £200 to put down as a deposit on a uni room.
- Lunch breaks at work being 20 minutes, but waiting 25 minutes just for my food......
- Never having any money (who said money can't buy happiness!? it's one of the main reasons i'm always in worlds worst mood!)
- Being asked to do 954820945820 things this weekend and not being able to do any of it!
- Reading Festival also being scarily close and not having a tent/train tickets/anything for it yet!
- Losing the back of my phone!

feel free to cheer me up.

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