Thursday, 4 August 2011


a massive apology to everyone for not updating in AGES!
my computer has been a massive pile of poo lately! deleted ALL of my pictures and everything off it!!! :(
wouldn't turn on or anything, as well as that i've been massively busy, relationship drama, global gathering, uni, everything! helping my boyfriend move in to his own place and what not.
i've literally been really busy and not been home very much since my computer has been fixed, but i promise there is a massive update coming your way soon as well as regular posts now i have my baby back in action!
plenty of pictures also.
so gutted i lost all of pictures from the past lifetime :( but meh, what can you do!? :(
so yes, i have to rush out tonight, and i think i'm busy now till sunday night, but i may squeeze you an update if i'm home and free over the next few days :)
i'm constantly updating my TWITTER so be sure to follow me for regular updates also as i use that on my phone daily :)
sorry yet again for being the worst blogger in the world.
normal blogging will resume soon! i promise!

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