Sunday, 26 June 2011

things to look forward to!

i've been a bit down today for some strange reason, but thinking about exciting things coming up always make me happy again :)

- my sister getting married on saturday!
i'm not actually too excited about the wedding itself as all of my sisters are going with their boyfriends and mine in working away at a festival :( but all of my family are getting together, there'll be plenty of food, it's an excuse to dress up and an excuse to get my party on :)

- reading festival
watching glastonbury this weekend has made me so excited for reading! can not wait to see the likes of jared leto, liam gallagher, ed sheeran and pete doherty in the flesh!

- arctic monkeys!
my friend bought me an arctic monkeys ticket last week! i cannot even express my excitement!

- univerity!
it's getting so close! just over three months and with a bit of luck i shall be swanning off down south to live in london and officially become a uni student :D excited excited excited!

- summer
so many reasons why i'm looking forward to my summer kicking in properly! bbq's, the beach, tanned skin, new dresses! happy times.

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