Sunday, 26 June 2011

hello! i know i haven't blogged in god knows how long as i haven't had internet at all other than on my phone, and i hate blogging from my phone as it doesn't have the same effect/it takes a while/i've already gone about £10 over my bill this month. oops.

but don't worry, i have a mighty post here for you with an update of everything that's been happening lately.
baring in mind my camera got stolen and i haven't really had the money to buy a new one so phone quality will have to do for now.
my apologies.

so obviously, i've been working quite a bit, mostly only on weekends though as i work at a children's park so we don't go too busy when children are at school. but when i do work, we always have plenty of time to dress up and eat ice cream :)
i've also spent plenty of time with my lovely boyfriend, having curry nights....
having cute days out in shrewsbury, getting fat off starbucks and kfc :)
we went a couple of weeks ago, and again on friday.
we had starbucks and went to the pub for a bit, and then went for a meal as Oscars and got really fat!
as well as obviously spending plenty of time in the sun with friends :)
and drunken nights out with friends....
as well as FINALLY leaving sixth form! what a day that was! two years of hell finally coming to an end! possibly the happiest day of my life :)
afterwards i went to my friend roz's with milli and we had a few drinks then went to wetherspoons and met a few people from sixth form, then went out for a night on the town :)
however, i did have just the one exam of which i did erm....plenty of revision for...
but once that was over we had a great time burning every bit of sixth form work we ever had, as well as of course having a few drinks at the same time ;)
followed by a very good night out in the pub of course, spent with a few of my friends who i haven't seen in a month or so :)
as well as obviously, partying in :)
when money is tight and it's someone's birthday it's always a perfect excuse for a house party!
it was my friend jimi's 20th, so we got a few of our friends over for a few drinks ;)
ended up about 5am with me wedged between about 8 guys in their underwear on a tiny floor fighting over a blanket...was not pleasant! feet in my face and everything. ew.
plenty more has happened but i haven't really took many pictures lately!
the summer is here though and today the sun has made an appearance so hopefully i'll have plenty more to talk about soon :)
now for me to be nosey on you lot and see what's been going on in your lives! :)

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