Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Wedding bells!

as some of you may know i am the youngest of 5 sisters! and on saturday my oldest sister kim took the plunge and got married! none of my other sisters are married so you can possibly understand my excitement! :)
the weather was absolutley gorgeous, even first thing in the morning, so me and my sister stacey took the time to take a few pictures in the garden in the sunshine before leaving :)
when we got there, the sun continued to shine, we did our meets and greets and then was directed outside where the wedding was going to happen!

how beautiful is this!
the venue was absolutely gorgeous!
before the bride arrived, the groom and the best man take their time to have a quick snap!
here comes the bride.....
my sister looked absolutely gorgeous!
quite a few tears were shed throughout the vows, including quite a few from the groom himself!
after the wedding there was plenty of time for more pictures and a few sneaky pints of cider in the sun before sitting down for the meal.
my nieces and my older sister ann were bridesmaids and she wanted all the little ones to be and then just choose one for her cheif bridesmaid, they all looked beautiful!
beautiful bride!
more pictures were taken........

a few professional pictures were then taken (more to come)
and when we sat down for the best bit (dinner time!)
as i am THE fussiest person in the world, i had to settle for a large children's meal, chicken nuggets, chips and beans (but at £55 a head you can only imagine they were the best chicken nuggets chips and beans ever!) whilst my boyfriend ate duck, beef and sticky toffee pudding!

speeches followed shortly after, the best man making a very comical one!
and parents making very cute ones!
whilst a few more drinks and plenty of free wine was consumed...
and then came the cake!
quite possibly the cutest wedding cake i have ever seen!
maybe it's because i am in love with cupcakes! but even still, the cake was adorable!
my two favourite people also made me cheery!
my lovely boyfriend and my niece keira :)
how cute are these pictures of them toasting?!
and then came the after party!
a play bus was hired for the children,
(which after a few drinks me and my sister ann took our time to try out, but as we was quite drunk we kept running in to the mirrors and falling over)
everybody had a little boogie!
i had a dance with a guy who had came down from california and asked me to dance, how cute!
at the after party, there was also a CANDY TABLE!
full of pick a mix, donuts, sherbet and sweets galore!
the wedding favours were also sweets!
how cute!
and then there was there room for afterwards.
it's safe to say it was the most perfect wedding i've ever been to, everybody had such a good time and everybody looked lovely.
i also managed to get myself a cheeky tan, so overall the day was perfect!
excuse some of the picture quality as most were taken on my phone!
lastly i'd love to say a big fat congradulations to my sister kim and my new BROTHER IN LAW (eeek!) darren! :)

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  1. LOL I defintely would have had a large kids meal too, chicken nuggets over roast dinner anyday! Lovely pictures (: xx