Sunday, 5 June 2011

hello bloggers!

how do! as i have six days of work and no sixth form anymore, i though today i'd spend the day catching up on all your blogs! as well as probably writing on mine quite a lot :)

the weather has been lovely here lately, and i woke up this morning to rain! yay!
yesterday i finished work and met my boyfriend who then went to mine to watch the football while me and my sister went to a little place called ironbridge for a few pints, i also met my friend josh from sixth form there and had a bit of a catch up :) it was lavley. then i came home and spent my evening with my lovely boyfriend.

yesterday at work we also had a powercut for like 2 and a half hours in the morning so me and about 7 others sat in the sun and ate loads of ice cream as it was defrosting. love my job :)

so yes, not much has happened really :)
i'll probably blog more soon!
have a lovely day!

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