Friday, 10 June 2011


hello there!
it's finally friday and finally payday!
yesterday i had to go in to sixth form for an english literature revision session, it wasn't too bad, we all went to pizza hut afterwards and got fat. it was cute.
today me and josh are popping to shrewsbury for the day, hopefully it's sunny! might do a spot of shopping, drink starbucks and sit by the river then maybe go out to eat later on :)
i'm working all weekend, but tomorrow night is my friend james's 18th birthday celebrations so we're heading to ironbridge for the night. should be fun! :)

so yes, i'm a bit of a busy bee lately.
my to-do list is forever growing and money worries are still there, but on a positive note, even though i really can't afford it and should really be purchasing my passport or paying my mom back the £200 i owe her, ARCTIC MONKEYS TICKETS GO ON SALE NEXT WEEK! i have been waiting for this day for a while. me and my friend roz were gonna get a sunday ticket for V fest to see them there, but i knew as they had a new album coming out, that they would announce a tour. it's inbetween times where i'll be moving down to London though which is a slight problem, so i dunno whether to get tickets to see them in London or Birmingham which is closer to where i live now.

things are really good right now.
so much to look forward to, i'm just waiting for the weather to get nice again so i can fully enjoy my summer and do nothing but sit in my back garden drinking strawberry and banana smoothies all day.

anyway, got to dash off and get ready.
have a lovely weekend! :)

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