Friday, 4 March 2011

update of last weekend.

oh yes, another weekend, more antics. i did start this post the other day but i had to rush out.
friday night i me and my friend went off to wetherspoons for pre-drinks where we met a few others, drank a cheeky bottle of wine then went to our local pub. we go to this pub quite often and always manage to have a good night, we've become regulars there so we always know quite a lot of people.
we met more people there and the drinking continued, met a few guys i work with also and drank some more. when the pub was closing my friend shanice decided to invite almost everyone in the pub back to hers for an after party. a few people jumped in a taxi and me and about 5 others all waiting for a lift. as there was so many of us me and my friend paul jumped in the boot. (i always have great ideas when i'm drunk). we got back to the party and continued drinking the night away and dancing and whatever else.
me and my great ideas decided that it would be too expensive for everyone to get a taxi home till morning so we booked a taxi at 5, and didn't crawl in my house till about 5:30am.

the saturday night, last minute i decided it would be a genius idea (because i had a free house) to have a little house party.........i invited a few randomers which then resulted in more people asking if they could come and after a bottle of vodka i was more than happy for people to just attend. half way through the night it ended up being me and 3 of my girl friends, and about 27 guys. we drank the night away. i ended up kicking some guys out because 'they looked like chavs' i think was the reason. i was being horrible to one guy all night till he picked up my guitar and started playing mardy bum to me, then several other songs and then me and him ended up being best of friends by the end of the night. my house got pretty destroyed and my friend paul pulled the radiator off! i decided it was a great idea to play twister. my neightbours shouted at me. we carried on drinking till 7am, and i had to call in sick from work as i started at 10:30. i had to literally stand on people to wake them up, i woke up with 7 lighters, 2 guitar plecs, two bin bags and two big boxes of empty alcohol, shot glasses in my make up, half of my notice board disappeared, naked pictures on my phone and some randomers ID.

all in all another great weekend in the life of jodie :)

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