Wednesday, 23 February 2011

happy happy happy.

i think i did say in my previous post that i was just having one of those days. i think i was entitled to it as i've been way too much of a happy bunny lately. so yes, thank you for the lovely comments girls! i do appreciate them all so thank you.

however, today for me is a happy day. i don't know why i'm so happy. although i'm terribly ill and have a terrible cough and i have no money and the weather's dull i feel suprisingly okay. could be because i have 'cooler than me' blasting and it just puts me instantly in a good mood. that or the hour long lush bath i had this
i'm gonna go and share some happiness in a happy list just because i like them! :)

1) my sister is coming down from london today

2) i have a very good weekend ahead of me :)

3) being back at work = $$$

4) my friends and family are the best.

5) february has gone quick...therefore hopefully summer will arrive soon!

6) panic! at the disco coming to birmingham! jryjeioryjeijoiyeyjr.

7) being 18.

8) the return of my voice!

9) being such a stud muffin i've been asked on 5 dates the past two weeks! ;) free food is good food.

10) tumblr. sorry blogger :(

11) mumford and sons in general make me happy.

12) plans for a holiday to amsterdam with my girls!

13) buying blink 182 tickets for the second date...therefore, seeing blink twice in two weeks = life complete.

14) making lots of new friends.

15) getting in to trouble :)

16) deleting people i don't like out of my life.

17) chocolate brownie hot chocolate!!!!

18) adele.

19) 2011 being one of the best years yet and it only being february :D

20) march! - i have plans for every weekend in march and i'm way too excited...just need to try and get it off work :/
here! have a happy picture of me :D

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