Monday, 7 March 2011


who sings the last song you listened to?

laura marling.

what time did you wake up today?


who has your heart?

nobody. it's in my body.

if the last person you kissed asked you to marry them, what would you say?

easy tiger.

what do you think true love means?

being completely happy with a person and being willing to do anything for them, wanting to see them all the time and all that jazz.

do you have any siblings?

i have four older sisters.

do you have someone that you can tell anything to?

kinda. not sure about 'anything' probably though.

what are your worst flaws?

being stupidly messy, being stupid with money, being quite bitchy and loud, saying things without thinking, being lazy....

what kind of music do you listen to?

rock, indie, punk, bit of pop, folk, blues.

do you think high school relationships can last?


would you date a 20 year old at your age?


are you missing anyone right now?

not really.

have you ever kissed anyone who's name starts with a j?

lol yess.

does sex ruin relationships?

no. why would it?

if you needed help at 3 am, who would you call?

depends what i needed help with.

what was the last thing you said to your mother?


do you resemble your siblings at all?

apparantly so.

how is everything in your life going?

pretty good if i say so myself.

is there someone you just can't imagine your life without?


what do you think about sex before marriage?

why the hell not.

where you single a month ago?

yep :)

do you where your hair up or down more often?

down, but up a lot when i'm home. which is rarely ever anymore.

do you currently want any tattoos?

i would love one, but i'm too scared :(

has anyone told you you've changed lately?

yep. and i'm glad i have :)

are you the same person you where two years ago?

obviously. but obviously aspects of my lifestyle/personality have changed.

the person you have the most feelings for calls you right now, why?

i don't have 'feelings' for anybody.

how many people have you kissed this year?

7 i think.

when is the last time something really bothered you?

friday. it didn't 'really' bother me, but it did a bit.

could you go out in public looking like you do now?

aha, i look a state but yeah if i had to.

what was the last thing you drank?


how many colors are in your bed comforter?

my what?

how many hours of sleep did you get last night?

urm, i fell asleep at 5, woke up at 2 for an hour then slept till 7. about 13?

is there someone that you would do anything for, no questions asked?


did the person that hurt you the most ever apologize?

he always apologies, then he does it again.

do you like to take walks?
not really if i'm honest, depends on my mood.

what's your favorite song right now?

i don't have a favourite.

how do you feel today?

pretty good thanks.

are you easy to get along with?

i like to think so. depends on the person i guess.

what do you think about people who intentionally try to make you jealous?

that they must lead sad lives?

do you want to punch anyone right now?

urmmmm, can't think of anyone off the top of my head no.

how did you get your last bruise?

i probably fell over.

if you could erase one thing in your life, what would it be?

aspects of my childhood.

do you like to draw?

i'm awful at it. i like to 'doodle'.

how many colors has your hair been?

god knows.

what was your favorite disney movie as a kid?

urm, i liked too many.

are you named after anyone?


what is your favorite color(s)?

i don't have one.

do you have a best friend?

i have many.

do you want to see someone right this very minute?

i'm not bothered.

how much longer until your birthday?

only 11 months :(

what grade are you in?

i dunno how american grades work.

i leave sixth form in 2 months though and go to uni this year?

how old will/did you turn this year?

i was 18 last month :)

how is 2011 so far?

best year yet (L)

can you drive, legally?

nope :(

who is the one person that can always cheer you up, no matter what?

urm, shanice?

what are you doing tomorrow?

not a clue yet.

your ex comes up to you and tells you they're sorry, what do you say?

what for?

who is the last person that called you?


do you look like your mom or dad more?

my dad.

what color are the walls in the room you're in?

blue da be de da be da.

do you judge people?

sadly yes, worst flaw number 593956.

is it easy to make you laugh?

maybe too easy.

what is the last movie you saw in theatres?

i haven't been for ages :| erm, maybe burlesque? or harry potter.

why did you last cry?

wednesday night.

who is your last text from?


your ex is in a car wreck and almost dies, do you care?


that's horrible.

are you going to prom this year?

nope, going to see blink 182 insteas.

what are you listening to now?


do you need to apologize to anyone?


do people often judge you?

wouldn't suprise me.

how is your heart lately?

pretty good i think.

are you good at hiding your emotions?

i think so yeah.

is there one person you'll never forget?

many people.

are you ready for summer?

hell yeah.

what is one thing about yourself you wish you could change?

urm, i'd probably give myself more motivation to do things such as tidy up, learn to cook, do better at sixth form. i'd probably change the way i look, stop judging people, stop being so outspoken, make myself more intelligent....etc.

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