Monday, 7 March 2011

life is a party.

another crazy week in the life of jodie.
yet again, i told myself i would rest and get better as i've been ill for the past three weeks. but with friends like mine, they don't allow rest.

on wednesday i awaited a nice, quiet day at sixth form doing business, but on tuesday night i got a text off my friend asking me if i wanted to go out for the day and drive up north to look at a university in liverpool that we'd all applied to.
of course i had to oblige, and so off we went to look around the uni, we fell in love with it may i add. it was an 80 mile drive there and whilst waiting for my friend to finish her interview me and my friend roz obviously went to check out the student bar and happened to bump in to someone we knew who went there (how random!)

that night my friend shanice invited me, roz and our friend becky to hers for the night, we decided to get a few drinks in and have a chilled night.
however...this never happens.
we invited some guys we had met at the pub a week before over, who took us to get some more drinks. the night was pretty crazy as always, and shanice ended up with a broken bed. oops.
on friday night, i actually did have a chill night and went out for a meal with my lovely family then went over to my friend nikki's where we had mcdonalds and a couple of bottles of wine and watched the human centipede! :| (i advise never to watch it)

saturday night however, was far from a chilled night as me and shanice has planned a party at hers. i got out of work early and went home to get ready then went over to hers where me and the girls all ordered a chinese and went to get the drinks in.
we then awaited company, and partied the night away. still drinking at 5am is never good when you have work at 10:30!
guys came dressed as where's wally although it wasn't a fancy dress party. the ambulance came out twice. but all in all a very good night (L)
this was half of the after math the next morning.
we were pretty destroyed.
and yes, that is somebody's ID!
other than i've been going to sixth form, trying to catch up on sleep and getting on the bus and pulling pirates.
it happens everyday doesn't it?

oh, and not forgetting eating my weight in mcdonalds at least 5 times a week. good job i'm giving it up for lent tomorrow :|

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  1. hahaa!! the pirate/elvis presly :) :) good times <3