Tuesday, 5 April 2011

PREPARE: for a gigantic ramble/update.

wow, it's been a while since i've done a proper blog! blame my mom for not paying my bloomin' internet in ages. you may also notice i've changed my url, mainly because i kept finding my blog on google and don't really fancy people from sixth form discovering my blog and what not. not that it's secretive, but it's kinda personal and i write a lot of things that i may not want certain people to know about. so yes, that is why i've done that.

i feel like i have so much to tell you, i don't even know where to start, i don't know what i've told you about and what i haven't told you about.
as some of you may have discovered by my other posts, i kind of went on a bit of a two month bender to celebrate my 18th, non-stop partying has seriously fucked up my skin and i've gained a stone! OUCH! so i'm joining the gym friday, FINALLY! i'm far too excited :)

sixth form is nearly coming to an end which only one thing; deadlines.
today i handed in my english language coursework so hopefully when i go back after easter i no longer have to do english language and i finish with the grade i need for uni!

my best friend shanice has recently got her own flat! which of course meant only one thing, plenty of house parties!
it's also been to of my other best friends, nikki and roz's 18th birthdays so i've been helping them celebrate :)

i not long ago got rid of my puppy :( i've been stupidly busy with my social life/sixth form and work and haven't been home alot to take care of him and take him for walks and as he is a border collie he needs all the exercise he can get, so he has gone to a lovely home not too far from where i live with lots of land :D i do miss him an awful lot though.

i've became a bit of a 'yes man' lately, my one friend said that i'm the girl who's 'always guaranteed to be out' and my other friend said i'm the least boring person he knows. my life has become a bit crazy and spontaneous this year and to be perfectly honest i am loving every second of it.

also, i had a house party not so long ago, invited quite a few people, but one of my friends decided he would bring a bunch of random guys to my house, the next morning not only did i wake up with my radiator ripped off my wall but my camera and ipod were stolen! so any pictures i'm posting lately are off my phone, hence the rubbish quality.

i would tell you all about these pictures but i think they pretty much sum themselves up.

i still don't have internet and have had to resort to stealing my moms laptop!
i break up from sixth form on friday so hopefully my internet will be back on by then and i will have lots to tell you about. i'm heading to london on saturday night to visit my sister for a few days and party on down there :)
i can honestly say i'm the happiest i've been in so long. my life is actually perfect.

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