Monday, 21 February 2011

the reason i rarely blog anymore...

is because i've been busy.....
spending time with family.

being ill. i have laryngitus as well as a cold :( i can't speak and it sucks.

spending too much time getting in trouble with my best friend.

going to a 'singles night' and getting messages like this.

having random after parties on nights out...

drinking too much alcohol.
what the hell, i'm 18!

cooking romantic meals...

spending time with old and new friends. and partying hard with them :)

going to sixth form -.-

that's pretty much what my life has been these past couple of months!
i barely ever get time to sit down at my computer and i do apologise.
i am on tumblr alot though because it's easy to post from my phone so make sure you go and follow me!
hope everybody is good :D
sorry for neglecting you all :(
also, i can't find my camera charger, so all photos are being taken on my phone hence the rubbish quality -.-

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